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February 18, 2021

The Dos and Don’ts of LinkedIn

Especially in this day and age, a professional online presence is essential to your job search. Here at Sudina Search, we can help you to effectively build and use your LinkedIn profile for hiring success....

December 18, 2020

4 Ways Financial Services Companies Can Combat the Effects of COVID-19

Financial institutions around the world are working to address the effects of COVID-19 pandemic. The professionals at Sudina are in contact with many financial services business leaders every day, and...

December 18, 2020

Understanding the Gen-Z & Millennial Candidate

Whether you’re looking for an experienced or entry-level candidate, understanding the differences between the generations is vital to successfully place a candidate. What attracts Gen-Z and millennial...

December 16, 2020

Talent Deficiency in the Marketplace – How to Find and Retain Competitive Talent

In an ever-changing job market, and one in which most workers experience several career shifts, employers are pondering more than ever how they can acquire and retain competitive talent. Here are some...

December 16, 2020

Why You Should Never Consider a Counteroffer

Extending an offer of employment is a monumental endeavor – your company is communicating to the candidate that you value and desire them, and that you are willing to compensate them for their skills...

December 16, 2020

How to Be an Outstanding Candidate Today

The job market is dynamic and fluid, which can make it difficult to navigate. Especially in recent months, when thousands have seen their employment shift, pivot, or end, understanding what employers are...

December 16, 2020

Why Some Companies Are Being Forced to Outsource

When you hear “outsourcing,” you probably think of a warehouse-esque call center overseas. While this is an example of outsourcing, it is an extreme and less-common form of it. The practice of outsourcing...

December 16, 2020

Candidate Ghosting: Why They Might Be Disappearing

When your firm is looking to expand, publishing a job posting online is only the beginning. The hiring process entails coordination with your HR personnel and the candidates themselves, as well as orchestrating...

December 3, 2020

The Top Skills Accounting Firms Are Looking for in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered the way recruiting, finance and accounting firms do business, in ways we hadn’t anticipated.  Employees and employers all around the world adjust to working-from-home...

October 19, 2020

Should I Meet with A Recruiter If My Company Isn’t Hiring?

Even if your team is currently at capacity, it’s important to establish a relationship with a recruiting firm so when unforeseen hiring needs arise, you’re prepared. At Sudina Search, our goal is to...

October 19, 2020

Why Relationships Matter in Recruiting

At Sudina Search, our approach isn’t about finding the largest quantity of candidates. It’s about establishing the relationships with the right talent so we understand what motivates them, what they’re...

September 21, 2020

How Has COVID-19 Transformed Recruiting?

The pandemic has shifted the workforce in ways we hadn’t anticipated. For many organizations, remote work is the ‘new normal.’ Employees are adjusting to remote work and homeschooling, companies...