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Recruiting can be confusing, but we're here to help answer any questions you may have about the process.

  •  Checklist prior to interview
    • Practice and Test your webcam. Make sure you have the updated software based in the Video platform (Zoom, Teams, Google, etc,) 
    • Background – ensure you have a professional and appropriate background
    • Mute all other electronics. Phone, Tablet, Mail notifications, etc. 
    • Test your microphone volume. Avoid volume issues before the interview starts.
    • Check internet speed. Poor internet=Poor communication. *Pro tip – You are checking your “upload speed” NOT download speed and it should be at least 1.5 mbps.
  • Avoid using a cell phone for interviews
  • Look into your webcam, not your face or the faces on the screen. Looking into the webcam is essentially making eye contact
  • Have a list of talking points somewhere. You could tape them above your camera so you aren’t looking down at a piece of paper. Just hints in case you panic and freeze.
  • Smile and don’t get flustered.  Technology mishaps happen, try to have back up plan/contact number
  • Don’t be late
  •  Overinflated resumes
  • Resume Formatting issues and typos – Tip: make sure your resume lines up to your LinkedIn profile
  • Inability to articulate experiences and projects stated on the resume
  • Failing to research the company you are interviewing
  • Not being truthful about why you left a company; salary; experiences in your previous job(s)
  •  Lacking professionalism – overconfidence; placing demands on future employer; talking negatively about previous employer/manager

 Not practicing your answers to common interview questions

From a technology perspective, roles in Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud Transformation. On the accounting side, there is a large demand for Accountants with 3-10 years experience. Additionally, roles in Data Analytics, Marketing Analytics, and Digital Analytics will continue to trend upward in 2022.

As the demand to work from home increases, employees should realize work from home does not mean work whenever.  Employers have an expectation for employees to have the same effort they have should they be sitting in the office.  Unfortunately, most employees do not realize, your employer is tracking your activity. When you are logged in; when you log out; and evaluating your productivity based on the data that is presented.  Additionally, working from home can hinder an employee’s ability to be promoted.  As much as the virtual world is changing, Managers still evaluate based on what they see, those face to face conversations that happen only when working in an office space should not be underestimated.

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