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Why Relationships Matter in Recruiting

At Sudina Search, our approach isn’t about finding the largest quantity of candidates. It’s about establishing the relationships with the right talent so we understand what motivates them, what they’re looking for, and what organization they’ll fit into best. That’s how we’re able to find the right talent to join your team. Here’s the difference between transactional recruiting, and the Sudina approach:

The Sudina Difference

Transactional recruiting focuses on the ‘here and now’ and values efficiency over accuracy. Recruiting firms with a transactional approach spend more of their time on web searches, emails, or cold-calling and less time speaking with clients or candidates. While this isn’t always the wrong approach, transactional recruiting can result in higher turnover with candidates.

Relationship-based recruiting requires a large investment of time and effort cultivating personal connections through Zoom or phone calls. At Sudina, we lead with a relationship-based approach to recruiting because we understand that changing jobs is an important decision for a person. As a candidate, you want to know that you’ll be a good fit for the company you’re joining, and as a client, you want to know that the candidate will be the right fit for the company’s future. By spending adequate time getting to understand the candidate and client we’re able to make better matches that result in lower turnover.

Recruitment can be transactional but at the end of the day, it’s about relationships and people.

Sudina treats all of our candidates and clients with the specificity they need and deserve to make the best deal, regardless of who on our team is involved. This way, our clients and candidates feel informed and empowered during their search, resulting in better matches, teams, and outcomes.

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Sudina Search was founded on building professional relationships through results. Forty years later, we continue to deliver exceptional staffing results through our network of valued relationships. We’re a full-service recruiting firm focusing on the career areas of Accounting & Finance, Information Technology, Software Engineering and Human Resources. Visit our website to partner with us.