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Should I Meet with A Recruiter If My Company Isn’t Hiring?

Even if your team is currently at capacity, it’s important to establish a relationship with a recruiting firm so when unforeseen hiring needs arise, you’re prepared. At Sudina Search, our goal is to help you find the specific professionals you need to fortify your company for the future. Here are some reasons to meet with a Sudina recruiter before your company starts hiring: 

Build A Foundation 

At Sudina, our recruiting strategy is an in-depth, team-based approach based on our belief that successful placements depend on the investment of time – time spent getting to know your company and time spent getting to know the candidate. 

Instead of waiting until a hiring need arises, meet with a Sudina recruiter in advance and help them understand your company culture and goals. This helps the recruiter know what sort of candidates you’ll want to hire in the future, expeditating the hiring process, and finding better candidates. A proactive approach to hiring sets your company up for success and saves time and resources in the long-run. 

Find Passive Candidates

Built on decades of experience, training, and long-term relationships, Sudina’s approach always works to the client’s advantage. We have the capabilities of identifying the passive candidates that can help a company solve its pain points, even before your company considers hiring. 

The main reason companies work with recruiters is to gain access to top candidates they couldn’t find on their own. Some of those top candidates may not even be looking for positions. These passive candidates aren’t likely to apply to online job postings or reach out to companies. However, they might be open to considering a new opportunity if it’s presented to them the right way. Our recruiters know how to identify these passive candidates and how to present new positions in a compelling way. By working with a Sudina recruiter, your company is already preparing for future growth. 

Gain A Partner for the Future 

A quality recruiting firm will partner with a company throughout the entire hiring process. This includes planning, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, and following-up to ensure the placement was successful for both the client and the candidate. 

Sudina Search was founded on building professional relationships through results. Forty years later, we continue to deliver exceptional staffing results through our network of valued relationships. Sudina Search is a full-service executive recruiting firm with a concentration in the fields of Accounting & Finance, Information Technology, Software Engineering, and Human Resources. Visit our website to partner with us and start recruiting top-talent for the future.