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How Has COVID-19 Transformed Recruiting?

The pandemic has shifted the workforce in ways we hadn’t anticipated. For many organizations, remote work is the ‘new normal.’ Employees are adjusting to remote work and homeschooling, companies are adapting new management techniques, and recruiters have changed their hiring practices quickly.

Amidst the world-wide pandemic, the world is facing uncertainty in all industries and recruiting is no different. How has COVID-19 transformed recruiting and how will recruiting recover

The ‘New Normal’ of Recruiting Is Virtual

Nearly overnight, recruiters transformed their hiring process to being entirely virtual. While this change can feel foreign and uncomfortable, many steps in the hiring process remain the same such as the initial phone-call.

As recruiters move to virtual interviews, they not only help keep candidates safe but also improve their hiring process for the future. Virtual recruiting benefits recruiters and teams since they have the ability to interview candidates on-demand. Instead of finding the time to schedule an in-person interview, a recruiter can schedule a virtual interview almost immediately, ensuring that a company can hire top-talent.

Virtual interviewing not only keeps employees safe but also improves the candidate experience – boosting the company’s brand. Candidates recognize that when companies have safety protocols in place, they put their employees first. Whether pre-recorded or live, virtual interviews are highly interactive.

On top of safety precautions, Gen Z candidates prefer tech-friendly organizations, and recent data shows that they won’t apply for a job with an organization if they think the hiring process is outdated. Even during a pandemic, it’s important to keep the hiring process up-to-date to prove you’re a top candidate. After social-distancing guidelines are lifted, virtual interviewing is a great option for attracting younger candidates.

Recruiting in Hard Times

Regardless of the economy’s health, finding good, quality candidates is always a challenge. It’s up to a company to invest in your future leaders or aggressively search for them. Here are some industry insights from Sudina Search for recruiting during the pandemic:

  1. Resist a hiring freeze
    • During hard times, the first reaction of any business is to freeze hiring. Think strategically where you will be when things turn around.
  2. Prepare for a lot of applications
    • Just because there are a lot of candidates on the market doesn’t always mean they’re the best fit for the position. The best candidates are always the hardest to find and have the most options.
  3. Show you’re a great option
    • If you’re trying to attract new employees, demonstrate to potential candidates your company’s strategy and future plans. How does your position align with their career goals?
  4. Partner with recruiters
    • You don’t want to waste your time and resources with ineffective job postings and sorting through thousands of applicants. Ensuring you put all your efforts into recruiting high-impact positions will help you maximize your budget. Work with a trustworthy, experienced recruiter with a proven track record.

All companies have cycles – ones of incredible growth and ones that are slower. Your recruitment plans will closely follow these cycles, and it’s important to have a game plan in place to work through this period smoothly.

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