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Why You Don’t Need A Fancy Resume

A resume is a way for people to express their professional careers. Many people have different formats, colors schemes and themes for their resumes, but is this all necessary? Having a very complex resume may not always be a good thing, with some exceptions, here is why having a fancy resume is not always what you want.

Lost Information

When a resume is so design oriented sometimes it becomes difficult to navigate. When using a recruiting firm, oftentimes they will edit your resume to send out to clients without contact information and with their own personal header. Having a complex, design oriented resume makes this very difficult for recruiters to work with. Formatting gets lost and sometimes important information can get overlooked by the overwhelming design of a resume. Simple, easy to read resumes are ideal when working with a recruiting firm.


Applying for a creative job? Something where design and creativity is at the core of the position? This is the perfect time for you to showcase your creativity skills. Having a perfect balance of creativity while still allowing your resume to flow smoothly. Creative jobs could be considered Graphic Design, Marketing roles, UX positions, etc. If you are applying, for example, to a Financial Analyst role, there is  no need for your resume to be focused more on the design and layout rather than your experience and talents. Having a design centered resume for creative jobs, however, adds to the credibility of the skills showcased on your resume! It’s almost a sneak peak of what you can offer. 

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