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Virtual Interview – Guide To Success

Virtual job interviews are one of the biggest challenges candidates have to face due to COVID. With over 72% of interviews still being held via video call, it is safe to say this is the new interviewing norm. Here are some tips for successful virtual interviews.

Understanding Technology 

Understanding how to navigate a video call (Zoom, Skype, Teams, etc.) gives a candidate a major advantage. Being able to correctly set yourself up via the software allows you to show your skills and technological understanding of the era we are currently in. Understand how to use your webcam – Test it before interview day to make sure it looks good and is properly set up. Most computers have a webcam installed but, you can also go buy one to look more professional and get a clearer picture of yourself. Test your audio – No one likes grainy audio with a lot of feedback. Most computers or headphones have a microphone built in, but you can also go online and buy a stand alone microphone that may sound clearer. Use a backdrop – Have unwanted pictures or images in your background? Use a backdrop! Many websites have free stock, blank color backgrounds. But, you can also find professional looking backgrounds online, use them to your advantage.

Important Things To Remember

  1. Eye contact is still important in video calls. This does NOT mean look at the screen while you are talking though. It means, look into your webcam camera. This way it shows the interviewer you are essentially looking at them while you are talking. 
  2. Take notes on interviews! – If you are typing notes while in a virtual interview let the interviewer know so it does not seem rude. 
  3. Try not to fidget, swivel your chair, or leave the frame of the video chat. It’s distracting and feels off-putting.
  4. MUTE notifications – This way email alerts and other notifications from your computer will be silenced during the call
  5. Have your light source in front of you. While it might be tempting to show off your cool window view, being backlit will lead to shadowing your face – If you do not have a Ring Light, use a lamp or other source of light from your house

Unavoidable Issues

Internet cutting in and out for no reason? It happens. Even if you test your internet a million times before a call, there is still a chance something could go wrong with it. Be honest! Some things like this are out of your control and there is nothing you can do. At home and dogs barking or kids crying? It is your house, it is not possible or realistic for someone to expect a perfect interview environment. The best way around these issues? Be upfront and honest in the beginning. Tell your interviewer “ I apologize if there are any internet issues, I’ve tested my internet and all is good, but sometimes the unexpected can happen. I also apologize if you hear dogs barking or kids yelling, this is my home and there is no way to avoid these things”. 

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