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The Future Is Hybrid

Companies are clear that post pandemic working will be hybrid or work from home (WFH). Other than that, the details are spacey. Many people expect fully remote positions, but is that the healthiest option for employees in the long run?

Fully Remote Employees

Many candidates in today’s job market seek a fully remote position in their desired field. What more could someone ask for? A full time job working from your living room sounds like a dream come true, but is this healthy for those employees? According to a study done by research experts at Stanford, employees who are full-time WFH experience quicker burnout and are having a difficult time managing work-life balances. Many people find themselves working unusual hours and are unable to get work off their mind. However, studies also show that WFH employees are very productive and are more likely to get assignments done early or on time compared to people who work in office. Full-time WFH is what the majority of candidates are looking for nowadays, but they may be overlooking the idea of a hybrid schedule all together.

The Future is Hybrid

A hybrid work schedule could consist of 3 days in office, then 2 days WFH in a week. Some companies are allowing hybrid work schedules in hopes to reduce employee burnout. Having schedule flexibility as an employee is an amazing perk because it gives them the opportunity to go in the office and receive social interaction and face to face interactions. Everyone works differently in different environments, so having the opportunity to go into work and be around other employees may be a positive reinforcement for employees. Companies are concerned about sustaining positive team performance and culture if team members are long-term WFH. For this reason, some leaders may be tempted to restrict remote-work options going forward, hence making the future of work hybrid. 

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