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5 Must-Do’s For A Job Interview

Job interviews can be nerve wracking, especially during a pandemic. Virtual interviews are a new concept to us all, here are 5 tips to consider when you have a job interview coming up.

Dress To Impress

Even though interviews are oftentimes virtual now, that does NOT mean you don’t have to dress up. First impressions are everything so dressing your best is always a great idea. Ideally, a jacket and button up shirt or professional shirt is enough, but if you want to wear a tie that will not hurt you in any way! Dress to impress and promote your professionalism.

Research The Company

Showing an interviewer you did your research adds credibility to your interview and shows you are very serious about the position. This also allows you to ask questions you may have about the company or comment on interesting facts about the company.

Excellent Non-Verbal Communication

Maintain eye contact at all times
Sit up straight and hold good posture
Look interested and attentive to all questions being asked
Speak with power and confidence, have faith in yourself
Make you background look nice and professional

Know The Job Credentials You Are Applying For

Know all the qualifications and aspects of the job before you are interviewed, this way there are no awkward conversations about requirements that you do not meet. Try bringing up qualifications you have outside of their requirements that you can bring to the table for their company. Think outside the box!

Always Provide A Follow Up/Thank You Letter

Show your gratitude and appreciation to the interviewer that took the time to interview you, a small act of kindness goes a long way. Make sure to follow up with the head of HR or Talent Acquisition Manager as well to thank them for their time!

With these tips you’ll nail the job interview and hopefully land a position at the job of your dreams!

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