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The Dos and Don’ts of LinkedIn

Especially in this day and age, a professional online presence is essential to your job search. Here at Sudina Search, we can help you to effectively build and use your LinkedIn profile for hiring success. As Covid-19 has pushed us further into online communication, online candidate sourcing platforms like LinkedIn are becoming a key resource for employers. Put your profile ahead of the competition by following these simple dos and don’ts of LinkedIn.

Do: Smile in Your Profile Picture. 

Your profile picture has the power to completely set the tone for your online presence as a potential candidate. Be sure to dress professionally, format the image as necessary, and show off those pearly whites

Don’t: Be Unprofessional. 

Even though it may be fun in some situations, your LinkedIn profile picture is not the place for your favorite Snapchat filter or a selfie with your best friend. Think to yourself: Would this look good in the company directory?

Do: Highlight Your Skills and Experience.

Your LinkedIn profile can be thought of as your online, long-form professional resume. This gives you the perfect opportunity to give some more detail on work experience, skills, and overall personality to set yourself apart from other candidates.

Don’t: Lie about Your Skills. 

You should outline all of your skills and experience as completely as possible on your LinkedIn profile, but don’t go too far. If you are not fully capable of a certain skill, it is best to be authentic and simply omit the skill altogether rather than exaggerate or lie.

Do: Be Strategic with Your Connections. 

One of the best features of sites like LinkedIn is the user’s ability to tailor their social circle to be most beneficial. Build your network to strategically place yourself within a group of like-minded professionals and reap the benefits of your new connections. Who knows, you could be the candidate an employer has been looking for, why not connect?

Don’t: Treat LinkedIn Like Facebook.

While your LinkedIn profile is free to build as you see fit, it is also important to keep in mind the level of professionalism associated with the site. You want to be active and utilize the site’s networking potential, however, it is important to take a quality over quantity approach to the content you share, remaining consistent and targeted. Remember, your future boss may be watching. 

Do: Partner with Sudina Search

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