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Boutique vs National Search Firms, Why Boutique Is The Best Decision

In this dynamic era of the job market, choosing the best search firm can be a tough decision. Do I use a national firm? Or do I stay local? Here are some reasons why using a boutique, local recruiting firm may be the best decision for you.

Advantages Of Using Boutique Search Firms 

Using a targeted, more intimate recruiting firm such as Sudina Search, you will receive a much higher intimate process. This allows candidates to experience a more targeted search based upon the teams preferences, history with the firm, and overall knowledge of the area. Boutique firms thrive in the creation of personalized, thorough, and skilled placement procedures. Sudina Search has been in operation since 1983, building its credibility in the local area while also generating a massive clientele list. Boutique firms excel in specialization of certain areas, which provides a higher chance for a candidate to receive placement offers that best fit their skills and personality. Building relationships and keeping candidates satisfied is what boutique firms are great at, they make the candidate feel like a top priority at all times. 

Disadvantages Of Using National Recruiting Firms

In today’s word, bigger is not always better. National firms lack a sense of personalization. National firms may yield wider results for a candidate, but you won’t experience the specialization and local expertise that a small firm has to offer. Similarly, National firms mean more recruiters, which often leads to a quicker result for a candidate. However, this lacks the notion of truly catering to a candidates attitude, prior experience, and company culture needs. 

Company culture is a big factor in choosing a recruiting firm as well. National firms often lack a consistent company culture due to size and a mixture of personalities, which causes many candidates to move to boutique firms. This is where a consistent company culture and a mutual understanding of a candidate’s wants and needs allows boutique firms to excel. These National firms are often generalized, which heavily takes away from forming a relationship between recruiter and candidate. 

Partner With Sudina Search

Sudina Search is a premier executive recruiting firm based outside of Baltimore, MD. Founded in 1983, Sudina is one of the oldest recruiting firms in the surrounding Maryland area. Sudina specializes in the placement of professionals in the areas of Technology, Accounting/Finance, Human Resources, and Engineering. Four decades later, Sudina carries on the tradition of forming partnerships that grow businesses, transform teams, and improve the lives of those we serve. Start your career at Sudina Search today!