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Candidate Benefit Preferences

Perks and benefits are a major deciding factor for candidates when applying for jobs. Here are some of the top benefits candidates want to receive when applying for a job.

WFH vs. In-Office

Schedule flexibility is the biggest perk candidates are seeking nowadays. If a position is fully Work From Home (WFH), candidates will flock from all over the world to apply. People like the flexibility of working from home. Based on a poll conducted by Sudina Search, 56% of people would pass up a promotion to work-from-home full time. Many companies are offering “Hybrid” schedules which often means 2-3 days in office, and the rest WFH.

4-Day Work Week

The second most popular benefit that candidates are seeking is a 4-day work week. While not as sought after compared to WFH positions, the 4-day work week is still something candidates are looking for. A study at MIT provided evidence that having employees work four days instead of five increases productivity. For example, last year in Iceland, researchers found that a four-day workweek without a pay cut improved workers’ well-being and productivity.

Increased PTO Days

The 3rd most popular benefit involves PTO Days (Paid Time Off). When candidates know they have more PTO days they will often work harder knowing they have more days for vacation/personal time outside of work. Having a strong work-life balance is important in todays workforce, especially because of the increased mental health awareness programs that are in place.

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