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Salary vs Schedule : What is more important to candidates?

Covid-19 has severely impacted the way candidates view jobs. Many candidates nowadays would rather choose a WFH job vs. a job that is in-person with better pay. Why is it that people would rather work from home with less pay when they could be making more money at a traditional 9-5 job? Here are some insights on the 2 different types of candidates.

Salary Driven Candidates

Candidates who are not worried about scheduling (WFH vs in-person) are at an advantage in the current job market. Why? Any candidate willing to meet an employer’s requests nowadays is rare to come by, most candidates have a plethora of requests and demands such as a WFH schedule, must have benefits, certain PTO days, etc. The candidates who are willing to go into the office, work their way up the totem pole, and respect the chain of command in the workforce are more likely to receive higher pay and increased benefits, these are the salary driven candidates. Traditionally, a higher pay or promotion was always the goal for candidates, but the world is continuing to experience a candidate-driven market and attractive compensation packages are playing a crucial role. While it will always be significant, money is not the only factor driving candidates.

WFH Driven Candidates

Based on a poll conducted by Sudina Search, 56% of people would pass up a promotion to work-from-home full time. The candidates who fall into this 56% are directly contributing to the current condition of the “Candidate driven market”. WFH driven candidates are running the job market currently by prioritizing their scheduling over anything else, which is putting employers in difficult situations. 2022 has introduced a workforce that prioritizes mental health and personal happiness over career growth and any monetary value. Prior to Covid-19, candidates who were looking for a job were not controlling the market. There were no “Must be WFH Position” or “Must be Hybrid Schedule” demands from candidates.

The first few months of 2022 have still proven to be a candidate according to the media. Is this trend going to continue into the later months of 2022?

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