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Why Some Companies Are Being Forced to Outsource

When you hear “outsourcing,” you probably think of a warehouse-esque call center overseas. While this is an example of outsourcing, it is an extreme and less-common form of it. The practice of outsourcing is becoming increasingly prevalent and can include all sorts of tasks from clerical and data work, to animation and content writing. Here are some of the main reasons why more companies are utilizing an outsourcing model.

Reduce Costs, Increase Specialization

Learning any task requires training. And even after learned, hours of refinement and improvement will be necessary to become proficient at said task. For these reasons, many businesses are moving to outsource certain tasks to specialized firms, while allowing their employees to spend more time focusing expressly on their areas of largest marginal gain for the business.

For example, while it may sound unreasonable at first glance for a company to outsource its clerical and bookkeeping work to an outside firm, thus separating it from the salespeople who drive those numbers, it may actually help the bottom line. After all, each hour the salespeople spend entering data and navigating the online platform is an hour they are not spending interacting with clients or prospecting for new leads, which are higher-value activities for someone of their skillset.

Thus, even though outsourcing entails looping in additional people and companies, it can increase the specialization of labor within a business and lead to more seamless and effective workflows. Allowing each individual both in-house and at the outsourced firm to focus on their strengths can help reduce costs businesswide.

Remote Work Opportunities

Engagement in outsourcing has been augmented by the sharp increase in remote work situations across business sectors. Especially in a year that has seen thousands of businesses reducing in-person workplace meetings, professionals are becoming more accustomed to working remotely. After seeing their own employees shift to at-home setups, outsourcing work to remote professionals outside their company has become more palatable to many businesses. As the remote economy continues to develop and business owners move larger percentages of their workforce to remote status, outsourcing will likely to continue to flourish.

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