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How to Be an Outstanding Candidate Today

The job market is dynamic and fluid, which can make it difficult to navigate. Especially in recent months, when thousands have seen their employment shift, pivot, or end, understanding what employers are looking for is more important than ever. Here are some key ways you can bring your resume to the top of the pile:

Tailor Your Application to the Role

Employers are seeking candidates who fit the role, add useful skills and experience to the team, and enhance the values of their company. Your application should reflect your ability to fulfill these objectives.

Before submitting your resume and application, tailor them to highlight your relevant experience in the field. Bullet points that don’t relate to the job at hand may simply be adding clutter; these can be omitted to further elaborate on your previous jobs and experiences that are most pertinent to the role.

It will also come as no surprise that employers prefer candidates to “do their homework” on the company they are applying to join. Having an understanding of their product, the company culture, and the qualities they value will help set your candidacy apart. Leading up to your submission and possible interview, search the company’s website and talk to individuals in the industry (or better yet, at the firm) to familiarize yourself.

Demonstrate Enthusiasm and Drive

Two of the most sought-after characteristics employers look for are 1) positive attitude and 2) strong work ethic. After all, employers know that they are not just hiring a list of abilities: they are investing in a real person they will sit next to for eight hours a day. Striving to encourage those around you and make their lives easier and better will quickly pay off. The hard skills of the role can often be taught, but uplifting and positive energy is irreplaceable.

Similarly, work ethic will be valuable in every role you apply for. Throughout the application process, find ways to demonstrate your drive by highlighting past challenges you’ve overcome or sharing stories of how your determination and focus led to success for your team. Your employer wants to enjoy sitting next to you, but they also want to rest assured that you will do what it takes to produce results.

Be a Clear Communicator

Communication skills are crucial to any candidate’s success. Being able to articulate your position to superiors, relate to colleagues, and establish relationships with clients is not only necessary for adequate job performance but is also a key separator between those who simply survive and those who thrive. Be clear, intentional, relatable, and a good listener, and you will set yourself up for success in the job market.

Partner with Sudina

The hiring process is complex – a quality recruiting firm will partner with you through each step along the way. This includes planning, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, and following-up to ensure the placement is successful for both the client and the candidate. Sudina Search was founded on building professional relationships through results. Forty years later, we continue to deliver exceptional staffing results through our network of valued relationships. We’re a full-service recruiting firm focusing on the career areas of Accounting & Finance, Information Technology, Software Engineering, and Human Resources. Visit our website at to learn more.