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Understanding the Gen-Z & Millennial Candidate

Whether you’re looking for an experienced or entry-level candidate, understanding the differences between the generations is vital to successfully place a candidate. What attracts Gen-Z and millennial candidates to apply, interview, and accept an offer depends on each candidate, but with the right information about the younger generations, your company might find more success in recruiting and hiring. 

Attracting Applicants

Every job posting is crucial because it gives you a chance to boost your company’s online presence and awareness. To reach the younger candidates you want to attract, it’s important to understand their motivations and their goals. Both millennials and Gen-Z job-seekers place work-life balance and compensation as their highest priorities. When writing job descriptions for Gen-Zers and millennials, highlight what they’ll accomplish at your company, and how they’ll make a difference within a year. 

Your company website is the first thing they research; these candidates are looking for a compelling online presence. Make sure your website is updated with a clear career page, highlighting real employees and including a company culture video if possible. 

Positive Hiring Process 

A positive candidate experience is more important than ever; 80% of Gen-Z and millennial candidates say that the hiring process should take less than two weeks. When it comes to communicating, both cohorts email first and then a phone conversation after establishing a connection. But ultimately, Gen-Z and millennial candidates’ decision to accept a final offer comes down to their relationship with their recruiter. 44% say their relationship with their recruiter was a key factor in accepting a position. 

Gen-Z candidates prefer tech-friendly organizations, and recent data shows that they won’t apply for a job with an organization if they think the hiring process is outdated. Even during a pandemic, it’s important to keep the hiring process up-to-date to prove you’re a top client. After social-distancing guidelines are lifted, virtual interviewing is a great option for attracting younger candidates. 

Company Culture

Gen-Zers and millennials crave meaning in their work and 88% want to work with a company that shares their values. They want to make a positive impact on the company and community and value leaders who want to do the same. Companies can adapt to these demands by increasing transparency, communication, and offering extra paid time off for volunteering.

When it comes to benefits, both cohorts expect the basics such as medical insurance, PTO, and retirement. They also look for organizations that offer ample parental leave, tuition assistance, and reimbursement. 

As millennials grow into mid-level professionals and Gen-Zers graduate, the challenge for clients will always be finding ways to attract top talent. By catering recruiting efforts towards these younger generations, companies will have an easier time placing the up and coming candidates of the future. 

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