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Talent Deficiency in the Marketplace – How to Find and Retain Competitive Talent

In an ever-changing job market, and one in which most workers experience several career shifts, employers are pondering more than ever how they can acquire and retain competitive talent. Here are some of the top methods for cutting through the noise, finding the best talent, and preserving your team for the future.

Prioritize and Utilize Your Employees

It might sound counterintuitive, but one of the most important parts of building an effective talent framework is by focusing on those already hired – your employees. Creating an employee-centric culture is the key to retaining talent. When your employees feel that they have a voice, that upper management cares about their career and development, and that they are the firm’s most important asset, they perform better. They also are more likely to stay; after all, the goal should not be keeping your employees as long as possible, but rather creating a culture, environment, and benefits system that leads them to choose to stay themselves.

Employees who are valued and feel valued become evangelists for your firm, which leads to another method for finding and retaining top talent: involving your employees in recruiting and hiring. Implementing a comprehensive employee referral program is shown to be effective – employees generally refer candidates who would be good fits for the firm, and the candidates are more likely to choose roles advocated by people they trust.

Looping in your employees in the screening and interviewing processes also gives them a sense of purpose and accountability. As they help determine the makeup of the team and thereby shape the company, they are empowered to know they are making a difference and have a meaningful voice.

Determine Your Core Values

Every company is different. To ensure that your hiring decisions bolster the firm and its goals, delineate the core principles and values of your firm and convey them to the prospective candidates.

As part of the application process, include information about how your company operates and which ideals guide your leadership. Then translate those motifs into concrete skills and abilities you seek in ideal candidates. This will help ensure that your applicant pool is well-suited to your workplace while reinforcing your guiding principles to your current employees.

Partner with the Experts

The hiring process is complex – a quality recruiting firm will partner with you through each step along the way. This includes planning, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, and following-up to ensure the placement is successful for both the client and the candidate. Sudina Search was founded on building professional relationships through results. Forty years later, we continue to deliver exceptional staffing results through our network of valued relationships.

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