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The “Golden Window” in Recruiting

When is the best time to recruit? When is the “Golden Window” for recruiters? The answer is when lots of good candidates are available, actively paying attention and willing to talk to you. You also want to be recruiting when your competition is NOT actively trying to recruit the same candidates you are. So when do you find that perfect combination of events?

The Golden Window is typically the first three weeks of January. This is the “golden window” because during the December holidays you have fewer employers to compete with, but you also have fewer candidates looking for jobs. That usually makes holidays a “wash”, which means you can still recruit, but you have no competitive advantage over your competitors.


You have a plethora of job seekers after the winter holiday’s for a variety of reasons. It may be a sudden change of heart, family influence during the holiday’s to change jobs, their current job doesn’t provide enough time off, etc. There are a million more reasons as to why there are more candidates around this time frame, but most importantly the quality of candidates increases along with the quantity. Some highly skilled candidates make a decision to consider new opportunities. Some people even make a New Year’s resolution to get a new job. This leaves highly trained and experienced candidates open to recruiting in those early January weeks.


Many employers put their hiring agenda into gear come January. Some firms have new annual budget money to spend, but most employers are so busy in December and put off until January all the “annoying tasks” like writing a job description, or getting internal approvals signed off. That results in a golden recruiting window in January with a new batch of motivated candidates who are newly searching for a job, or at least available for a consultation call, and very few employers who are talking with said candidates.

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