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5 LinkedIn Hacks That Will Get You Noticed by Recruiters

Having troubles getting noticed by recruiters on LinkedIn? Here are a few tricks to help boost your portfolio and make you stand out to recruiters.

Promote Yourself and Your Achievements

Promoting yourself is a big part of LinkedIn. This is where you go to post all things business and all of your successes along the way. LinkedIn suggests you only list 5 skills that you have, but if you have more don’t be afraid to list them all. The more the merrier!

Quantify Your Accomplishments

Quantifying your accomplishments is something not many people do when they list awards or recognition achievements. Instead of saying “I had a great 2 years in sales”, say “Over the past 2 years I’ve successfully assisted over 300+ clients and have sold over $x”. Quantifying these accomplishments can really show a recruiter how well you are doing and is something they can use to boost your reputation for future employers.

Engage With Firms by Commenting and Liking Posts

Firms enjoy when their followers engage with them on social media, it shows them that you care and that you are a team player. Social media is the biggest part of the world today, which means the more active you are, the more likely you’ll get noticed by a recruiter.

Post Meaningful Content on Your Feed

This is something not many people tend to think of. When you are trying to get attention from recruiters, posting the right content at the right time can be a big help to your mission. Recruiters are often looking to find where candidates are posting insightful information about industry trends, updates and so forth. So, by posting that kind of content you are helping recruiters more than you know, and it allows them to further their search by checking out your profile and seeing all of your accomplishments and achievements.

Include A Personal Website Link in Your Bio

Not everyone has a personal website. Some people may even think it is a waste of time, but it really is a great way to highlight your skills with no limits or boundaries. There is only so much you can post on LinkedIn without getting cluttered or having your page look messy. With a personal webpage you can create a clean, easy to navigate site where all of your achievements and work can be highlighted for recruiters, almost like a glorified resume. Do all 5 of these tricks and your chances of getting noticed by recruiters will be skyrocketed.

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