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Why Working For A Public Accounting Firm Is Great For Your Career.

Why start a career in public accounting? Here’s a list of reasons why public accounting is great for your career.

Variety of work

When working for a public accounting firm you are going to deal with a wide variety of candidates. Private accountants only work for one company and often work on a single accounting function, this allows them to master a particular function in their field; however, in public accounting, your clients are businesses from different industries, sizes, and have specific accounting needs, giving the accountant a wide scope of work. This can give you a huge advantage when deciding your future.

Ample advancement opportunities

As a public accountant you will have the opportunity to grow in many different directions and advance your career very quickly. Private accountants develop their skills and grow at a steady and defined pace, which is the path some people want to take and there is nothing wrong with that! However, public accountants learn at a quicker pace and can advance their career very rapidly due to the diverse workload and variation of clients, giving them the option to continue their careers down many paths. Moving laterally from private to public can become more difficult the longer you stay in the private sector, which is why many people start off in public accounting.

Allows for Specialization

Working with many different clients at one time may be a very stressful workload, but it gives public accounts the experience to figure out if they want to specialize in a certain area. Private accountants work with very similar clients which allows them to become very skilled in that area, but limits their abilities to continue and grow their career. While working for a public accounting firm you can find your niche and figure out what areas you truly enjoy.

Great platform to network

Networking is a key factor in any job, knowing clients and potential clients can help you grow long term. Being in public accounting allows for great networking opportunities because you are working with such a diverse group of clients, while working for a private sector can make you feel trapped among a select group of clients. Networking is one of the most important parts of public accounting and can truly make or break a firm’s success

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