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How WFH Has Impacted Today’s Workforce

Working from home has been a blessing to most, but when do you draw the line when it comes to WFH rules and requirements? Here are a few issues companies are facing as a result of the WFH transition

Job Consideration

Covid-19 caused many college students to adapt to a WFH scenario. This may have had unintentional consequences for the workplace. Now, when young professionals or newly graduated individuals are searching for a job they expect to be able to work from home. This applies to more than just young professionals as well. According to a Stanford University Research Study “42 percent of the U.S. labor force is now working from home full-time. About another 33 percent are not working”. This shows that people do not want to take in-person positions anymore no matter the seniority of their job position.

Job Availability

An incredible 42% of the US population is working from home. Almost half the population of the US does not go into the office for work. While another 33% of the population does not work. These two statistics make up 75% of the country’s population. Leaving only 25% of people who still work in the office. Job openings are plentiful in many fields right now, the only setback is many of these positions are in person. This leaves many recruiting firms and employers in a tight spot because they receive many out of state/area candidates who wish to work remotely, which isn’t an option. The statistics show that people do not accept job positions because of the no WFH policy which is largely contributing to the 33% of people not working.

How To Help Recruiters and Employers

This issue at hand regarding WFH policies is a newly introduced way of working, not all companies are going to be able to accommodate that. With that being said, if a job description says “In person” or “Must be local” please do not apply and expect to be able to work from home. Instead, provide diligent work for the company and work your way up the totem pole before requesting any type of transfer to WFH. Prove your worth and work hard!

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