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Virtual Call Etiquette

Attending virtual calls has become part of almost every professional’s daily routine. Whether an internal meeting or a meeting with clients, proper video etiquette is always something to pay attention to. Here are a few of the most important things to remember when on a virtual call.

Track Your Muting

Muting yourself while others are talking is very important. This enables the speaker to clearly relay their message without any interruption from unwanted background noise, computer notifications, keyboard strokes, etc. However, keep track of your muting. When it is your turn to speak you do not want to forget to unmute yourself

Camera Settings

If you are on a video call, making sure your camera is properly set up is very important. Test your camera multiple times before the call, therefore when it is time for a meeting you are not scrambling to get your camera working. A plain background or a green screen is appropriate for a virtual meeting. However, if you are not using a green screen make sure the lighting in the background does not cause a glare anywhere on your screen. This can look unprofessional and be distracting to others on the call. Camera settings and your outfit for the meeting go hand-in-hand. If you are using a green screen, do NOT wear green. This will cause you to blend in with whatever background you select with the green screen.

Audio Settings

Your microphone can be your worst nightmare on a virtual call. Be sure to test the quality of it prior to the meeting. You can test your microphone on websites such as and in the settings on your computer. You want to make sure there is minimal to no feedback from your microphone. This can be very distracting while trying to talk and make it difficult for others to hear you.

Overall, it is important to make sure every aspect of your virtual call is set up properly prior to the call. Doing this will minimize the possibility of technical errors. However, technology can be difficult and sometimes things are out of the user’s control. If an error does occur, stay calm and do your best to relay the issue before continuing. By following these tips you should be all set for your next virtual call.

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