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How Much Content to Post on Social Media

Social media is the most vital source of communication in today’s era. Companies who are publishing content and engaging with followers build their credibility through these interactions. However, posting too much content can have negative effects. So, how much content is too much content? Here is Sudina Search’s take on the subject.


A company does not want to post too much, but they also want to post enough to keep their followers engaged. Finding the perfect amount of content to push out can be tricky and can vary depending on the industry. Usually, 2-3 times a week according to a Yale social communications study, is an appropriate amount of content to be pushing out on a weekly basis. Sometimes it may be 4 times a week and sometimes it may be once a week depending on holiday’s and other factors out of our control. One week may be filled with great news and important content to push out so a company may be above that threshold.


Pushing out content at the right time of day is very important to the platform’s algorithm. By posting in the morning there is a better chance the algorithm will circulate your content more because of the high volume on the app. When the platforms are experiencing higher volumes than normal, the algorithm auto refreshes the content feed more often, providing updated content more frequently.

Platform Use

Utilizing every social media platform is an important factor in promoting your company. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the main platforms companies use. Every platform has a different algorithm when it comes to posting content. For example, LinkedIn’s algorithm will circulate content based on both timeliness, engagement from followers and mutual followers, and hashtags used. Meanwhile, Facebook will only show the user content that they are following, there are no recommended posts to follow. This means LinkedIn is the more efficient platform to use over Facebook when posting content (blogs, articles, etc.).

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