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The Forever Changing Workforce: Reskilling

As technology is forever advancing, some tech skills will become less relevant while others become pivotal. Here is blog two (2/3) of our three blog series on The Forever Changing Workforce.

Importance of Reskilling

According to a study on the World Economic Forum, jobs that will grow the most in demand by 2025 include: Cloud Architect, AI Analysts/Programmers, Big Data Analysts, and Cyber Security. Many of these jobs require a specific set of skills and many years of experience, which can be quite hard to comeby nowadays. The solution? Reskilling. If you have able, talented employees whose scope of work is becoming less relevant, why wait for their role in your company to be decimated by tech advancements? Start retraining them in the more crucial roles that are needed for your company. For example, if you have IT employees working with Legacy systems, retrain them to focus on areas such as Cloud Computing. This will not only help your company financially by not having to make another new hire, but it builds the current employees development and personal growth.

How to Start Reskilling

Reskilling can be a nitty gritty task that current employees may not want to participate in. A solution for this may be a slight pay raise, added benefits, more PTO, etc. Oftentimes, reskilling can be a seemingly smooth transition. Many employees who engage in a reskilling procedure already have a solid framework of the scope of work they will be learning. Reskilling will take that base knowledge of an area to the next level and provide the employees with a better understanding of the new role they will occupy. Reskilling proves to be a more vital option with the current market and job demand. Engaging in this procedure could exponentially benefit both your company and employees alike.

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