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Post Interview Questions

Nervous to ask questions at the end of an interview? Don’t be! Interviewers will appreciate your questions whether they are about the company as a whole, or personal experiences at the company. Here are a few examples of questions to ask at the end of an interview


Company culture can make or break a candidate. You want to make sure you will fit in and be surrounded by people you get along with. “How would you describe your company culture?” or  “What sort of policies are in place to encourage staff wellbeing?”. Figuring out if the job will be the right environment for you is a key aspect of a job interview. Working under uncomfortable conditions hinders our work abilities, hence making company culture a main question to think about.

Day-to-Day Life

Asking about activities and tasks that need to be completed on a day-to-today basis is also an important question to ask. “What would a daily routine look like for this position?”. Seeing and understanding what you would be doing every day can provide you with more insights on the company culture as well. You will likely be spending most days working with the same individuals in the same office (unless remote), so getting a feel for the layout and your potential co-workers is an important part of the interview process.

Room for Growth

Growing within a company you enjoy is the ultimate goal in life. Being able to work your way up the totem pole means more responsibility but also more money. So, asking about career growth opportunities is something interviewers like to see so they know you are dedicated to not only your position, but the company as a whole. “What is a hypothesized timeline of growth opportunities within the company?”. Showing initiative to want to grow and expand your role shows dedication and commitment which builds your credibility in an interview. 

All of these questions can work off of each other to show commitment, loyalty and dedication to the company and the potential position you are applying for. Asking the right questions can boost your odds of nailing the interview and securing a spot at any company!

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