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AI in Recruiting

Business priorities in 2022 have shifted around talent recruitment. Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) the future of recruiting? What do studies show about the success of AI in recruiting? Here is Sudina Search’s take on AI in Recruiting:

Recruitment Struggles

The Great Resignation continues to control news headlines and put a spotlight on the world’s labor shortage. Businesses need to know that unstable supply and demand for talent is not a “phase” and is here to stay. A study completed by Korn Ferry predicts a shortage of 85 million workers by 2030. Even though the Great Resignation is something everyone is tired of hearing about, a study by Hiretual shows that 61% of recruiters said sourcing talent was their biggest obstacle over the last year.

How AI Can Help

AI recruiting tools will increase the range of available talent. By accessing candidate data from various talent pools, hiring teams can access sustainably more of the total talent population and begin a search from a single source. Multiple platforms are nearing access to a billion candidates. Companies that need to tackle growth will have many more options, and more opportunities to hire.

When it comes to the recruitment process, time is money. Placing a candidate quickly is a struggle at times and AI has a plan to automate the transactional aspects of this process. By removing manual tasks such as scheduling, managing candidate pipeline data, and bulk outreach, the recruiter can spend more time consulting with a candidate. The information AI can provide in seconds would have taken weeks to find a few years ago.

AI and Human Mix

When it comes to recruiting, there is no doubt that AI will be beneficial in the transactional processes and overall efficiency of the recruitment process. However, AI is not the sole solution to increased proficiency. Used without humans, it may provide non useful data, it will ignore the human eccentricity of company culture, and it may overlook qualified candidates with unrepresentative resumes. Not everything important is on paper, the overall attitude and presentation of a candidate can say more about them than their resume, which AI will not be able to see. Being able to have a healthy balance between AI incorporation, as well as humanistic tendencies is the key to recruiting in the future.

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