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The Disconnect between Workplace and Workforce Post Pandemic

As vaccinations and relaxed health guidelines make returning to the office a reality for more companies, there seems to be a disconnect between employers and their workers over more than just remote work.

WFH Barriers

While many people have become acclimated with Zoom meetings/social interactions, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are experiencing a genuine connection with others. Connection is something everyone experiences differently. Connection is being seen, heard, appreciated and acknowledged. These are a few things that Zoom/online interactions cannot always provide for us. As for new hires, it is difficult for them to be welcomed into a team during a pandemic for the concept of company culture is only relevant to a certain extent. People cannot truly experience a company’s culture via video calls/online messaging.

Post Pandemic Barriers

The transition to WFH was a huge relief for many people. This allowed them to work more flexibly and spend their time working in their own fashion. Many people have now adjusted to this type of schedule and are reluctant to go back to the typical 9-5 hour jobs. This is creating a huge disconnect between employee and employer because the employees want their freedom of flexibility while at the same time getting to experience the company culture and social aspects of work.

End Results

The main outcome of these post pandemic barriers is that many employees are resigning without having another job lined up for them. They cannot find a compromise with employers so they are therefore stuck in toxic situations. This ultimately leads to people being unemployed and not knowing where to advance their career. The path to recovery from COVID-19 has begun and Sudina Search is here to help those who are stuck with a disconnect between their employers/other employees.

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