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Difficult Interview Questions

Uncomfortable interview questions are a candidate’s worst nightmare. Some candidates have a difficult time talking about themselves in interviews. Here is Sudina Search’s input on how to navigate these difficult questions.

Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years

According to a poll conducted by Sudina Search, this is the most dreaded question in an interview. Candidates are always at different stages in their careers so providing general answers can be tricky. Overall, talking about your short/mid term goals is ideal for these questions. If you are looking to join a company to move up the ranks, then discuss possible promotion options. If it’s a high level job you are applying for, discuss the benefits you see yourself providing the company over the coming years.

Tell Me About Yourself

There are 3 main stages to this question. When asked this question, try and stick to the following timeline, which should be no longer than 3 minutes.

Present: Discuss your current role, the whole scope of it, recent achievements, and what you like to do. Interviewers are looking at your personality during interviews, not just your qualifications on paper. Having the right attitude is just as important as your experience.

Past: Make the interviewer understand how you got to this point in life, let them know any previous experience that is relevant to the job being interviewed for.

Future : Explain what you’re looking for in life and why you’re interested in the job you are interviewing for.

What Is Your Biggest Weakness

This question intimidates most people, but it is a very important question to interviewers. This question helps the interviewer better understand what kind of person you are. The best way to answer this question is to give a response that somehow spins in your favor. An example could be “My biggest weakness is how hard I am on myself when something doesn’t go as planned”. This answer shows the interviewer that you take pride in your work ethic and that you are trying to grow and improve as a professional.

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