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AI Content Creation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the world everyday, especially in the workforce. Many companies are now using AI to automate their content creation process, saving their business time and money. Is using AI to create an automated process a good idea? Here are the pros and cons of using AI in today’s workforce.

Use of AI

Companies have been utilizing the advancement of AI primarily in marketing and digital content creation. This means businesses can spend less time on designing and outsourcing to multiple media firms. AI however, is still in the initial stages of being widely used. The current advancements/ experiments with AI involve blog writing and content creation. There are multiple software that allow you to type a select amount of keywords, then an AI machine will create a custom blog with facts and statistics revolving around the keywords inserted. With content creation, AI is able to take a simple draft of a vector image and produce a mass social media campaign with endless social media posts and professionally made images for your company.


AI has been proven to improve organic traffic by combining specific keyword research with AI writing. AI also will Increase the number of blog posts (or email marketing campaigns, social posts, etc.) that you can produce each week. The biggest advantage of AI currently is the time and money a company can save by using these tools. For most AI blog writing services the average writing time is under 1 minute per blog. In a forever advancing workforce full of blogs and social media posts jockeying for attention, companies have no choice but to adapt their strategies in order to stay ahead of the curve. AI can help you write blog posts faster than your competition. Combined with effective SEO knowledge, this can help skyrocket organic traffic.


AI is stocked with advantages when dealing with marketing strategies. The biggest downside? The “unnatural” feel when first using a computer system to write posts, especially if you’re used to doing them all yourself. Another topic involves whether companies are going to implement AI into their marketing rather than building out a ‘team’ – some believe that they will, but marketing also has an emotional level to it that AI may not be able to provide. So, will AI be able to 100% take over? The use of AI comes with the barrier of a learning curve, it is a new tool that many people have not learned to master and AI in general is far from being mastered by anyone. AI is still in the very early stages of development and there is so much unknown revolving around the concept. However, with technology forever advancing there are constantly new techniques and tools becoming available for experimentation.

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