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How To Approach A Virtual Interview

Virtual interviews are still more common than in-person interviews. For many people, this is a huge learning adjustment. The interview process as a whole is the most stressful part of a job search. Leaving a good impression may seem more difficult via a webcam, but here are some tips on how to successfully approach a virtual interview.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is still very important in a virtual interview. Even though you are looking at a screen, it is important to remember when you are talking to look into the camera and not at the person on the screen. This may seem unnatural at first, but when you look at the person on the screen when talking, it looks like you are looking down and not making eye contact. So, looking directly into the camera is the best way to portray eye contact in a virtual interview.

Be Early

In an in-person interview, you would show up early and wait in the waiting room until the interviewer is ready. It is no different in a virtual interview. Show up and log in a few minutes early and wait to be let into the meeting. The worst thing you can do is make someone wait in a virtual meeting for you to log in.

Pre Check Technology

Sometimes technology fails us. Oftentimes technological issues can be avoided by pre testing equipment and voice levels. Make sure your mic and audio levels are ready to go well before you enter the meeting. Test them in a practice meeting with a friend or colleague. However, sometimes technology does not want to cooperate and it is out of your hands. If an issue occurs that you cannot control, do your best to communicate the issue with the interviewer and do not wait to get back in touch.

Look Professional

Dress to impress and make your background professional. Maintaining a high level of professionalism is very important in virtual interviews. Make sure you are still dressed as if you were going in-person for an interview. Your background is just as important as well, if you are not using a background image make sure to have a neat, clean area behind you. If you are using an image, make sure it is professional and not too distracting.

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