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Top 3 Techniques to Improve Workforce Productivity

Every employer wants to run a smooth and efficient business. Every employee wants to work for a company that provides them with everything they need. So, how do employers manage to maintain and improve workforce productivity, especially in these uncertain times of Covid-19? Here are the top 3 techniques according to a Sudina Search poll on how to improve workforce productivity.

Reduce Micro-Managing

To improve overall productivity, one area employers should focus on is to stop micromanaging. While there might be scenarios where you need to be more hands-on, such as when you’re training new staff or trying to help an underperforming employee, you also need boundaries. Controlling every aspect of every project and demanding constant progress updates from your team won’t benefit anyone. Research from a Harvard Business model shows micromanagement is among one of the top three reasons employees resign. It kills creativity, builds mistrust, causes unnecessary stress, and demoralizes your team.

Promote employee well-being

Making employees know and feel welcomed in a company is a huge factor in their performance. If an employee is often overlooked or ignored, it kills their drive to succeed with the company. The easiest way to promote well being is to make recognition of all/any achievements no matter how big or small they may be. Another way to promote well being is to make sure your employees mental health comes first. Promoting individual mental health will increase employees’ work ethic and will allow them to comfortably work under a stress free environment.

Allow Work From Home

This has been a very controversial topic since COVID-19 shutdown the country. Almost every company is requiring employees to come back into work now, but what if they are more productive working at home? Everyone has made a huge adjustment in the past year to WFH, now the sudden switch back to in person work has many people flustered and angry. Allowing WFH also opens doors for employers to potentially find non-local candidates who could be a huge addition to their team. On the contrary, WFH does limit the amount of connections that a company can make without people in the office. So, many companies are stuck in this groove of having hybrid schedules where people can sometimes work from home and sometimes work in the office.

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