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Resume and LinkedIn Checklist

Keeping your resume and LinkedIn profile up-to-date is more important than you think, whether you are searching for a new job or not. Here is a list of things to keep in mind when you are freshening up your resume and LinkedIn.


Having an up-to-date LinkedIn is way more important than you may think. Having a fresh, updated profile makes you stand out in many positive ways. Here are a few things to keep in mind when updating your LinkedIn.

  • Have an updated professional headshot.
  • Upload a header picture that compliments your profile picture with your current company or city branded.
  • Update your current job title and duties.
    • Having a brief description of your role listed will help others understand your role which an be outlined deeper in a resume.
  • Utilize LinkedIn’s AI features
    • Artificial intelligence will:
      • Write you a bio
      • Clean up job duties
      • Recommend cleaner job titles
  • Utilize LinkedIn’s banner options
    • Open-to-work
    • Hiring


Keeping your resume updated is a proactive and strategic approach to managing your career. It ensures you are well-prepared for opportunities, able to communicate your value effectively, and stay competitive in a dynamic job market.

  • Format
    • Keep your resume clean and simple – A resume is meant to highlight your skills and achievements, make sure you are not being over creative with your resume, making it overly difficult to read your experience.
    • A photo of yourself is NOT necessary – Your resume highlights your achievements, not your physical appearance.
    • Include relevant information, but doo not have a 10+ page resume. A resume is meant to highlight your experience so you can discuss further in-depth information during an interview. Hiring Managers and Recruiters want to see key points, key metrics, and key words.
    • PDF or WordDoc – Make it easily accessible for those looking at your resume, do not make the format something difficult to open or view (Google Drive, Dropbox link, JPEG or PNG file).
  • Readiness for Opportunities:
    • Unexpected opportunities can arise at any time. Whether it’s a promotion within your current organization or a new and exciting opportunity outside, having an updated resume ensures you can quickly respond to unforeseen situations without delay.
  • Staying Competitive:
    • In a rapidly evolving job market, staying competitive is essential. Regularly updating your resume ensures that you are aware of current industry trends and can tailor your skills and experiences accordingly. This makes you a more competitive candidate when the time comes to seek new opportunities.
  • Adapting to Changes:
    • Industries and job markets change, and so does the demand for certain skills. Updating your resume allows you to stay aware of emerging trends and adapt your professional profile to remain relevant in your field.
  • Demonstrating Professionalism:
    • A well-maintained resume reflects professionalism and a commitment to personal and career development. It sends a positive signal to both current and potential employers, showcasing your dedication to your profession.
  • Ease of Job Search:
    • If you do decide to explore new opportunities, having an updated resume on hand streamlines the job search process. You can respond quickly to job postings, networking opportunities, or unexpected leads without the stress of creating or updating your resume from scratch.

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